We’ll be back on the 29th with more!

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes and ecards! I did not actually sever my finger. While in Scottsdale, Arizona, something bit me, stung me or some nasty thorn injected some poisonous whatsit into my index finger and it swelled up to three times the size of a normal index finger (try typing with your big toe and see how that works…ergo, no issue). After following a doctor’s advice and awaiting my finger to burst and have a thousand baby scorpions or spiders crawl out, it actually drained while swimming the other day and the skin just melted off (had enough yet?). So, if there were any baby arachnids, they drowned or swam into someone else swimming by me. Oopsy!

But now I have to fly off for the holiday and promise the next issue will be posted on Monday, December 29th. Due to popular request for more “GUTS,” we’ll have another issue with the gutsiest ads, products, innovations and trends any living being could want.

From all of us at The AFTERLIFE, we wish you peace and joy.


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