RIP Marley

This is too good to wait for the next issue…

It seems vandals in Los Angeles are tagging posters and billboards of the new Marley & Me movie with the climatic end. Not having seen the film (or really wanting to see it), I personally don’t care.





Naturally, I wouldn’t have liked this for some films and would prefer it for most as it would save me the cost of a ticket and the small fortune a large popcorn and soda costs, but is it a coordinated attack by vandals or sabotage marketing from the studio itself or a rival producer vying for ticket dollars?

Keep in mind that the spoilers for the final Harry Potter book (T-shirts and such reading, “Hermione dies on Privet Drive”) were wrong. Oh, I spoiled that for you? You had plenty of time to read the book. All bets are off after a month of the release.


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