Apple pulls ‘Baby Shaker’ iPhone app after child welfare groups protest


There are thousands of iPhone apps. There are farting noises, fishing games, endurance tests and even apps that keep track of things and help organize your life (how boring!) but Apple, Inc yanked from its online store today the latest app, a disturbing application called “Baby Shaker” –  which allowed users to silence a screaming infant by shaking their phone.

The 99 cent application, created by a company called Sikalosoft, went on sale in the App Store Monday and  quickly outraged child welfare groups.

“Baby Shaker” features a sketch of a cute baby that quickly dissolves into tears and cries on the iPhone screen. Users then violently shake their phone until the child stops crying –  and red X’s morbidly appear over the baby’s eyes. A description of the application does end with the words “never, never shake a baby.”

But it also sinisterly challenges users to “See how long you can endure his or her adorable cries before you just have to find a way to quiet the baby down!”

The question along with why anyone would make such a heinous app, is which moron approved it for the Apple store? Firings will no doubt follow.


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4/24/2009 – Apple Apologizes for “Baby Shaker” app.


2 Responses to “Apple pulls ‘Baby Shaker’ iPhone app after child welfare groups protest”

  1. Oy vey… unbelievable.

  2. cooooolest domain name)))

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