10 Promotional initiatives that bombed.

Is it that creatives can’t think in terms of marketing or marketing people can’t think in terms of engineering or just that there weren’t enough of the right people invited to the meetings that planned these disasters? In at least one case, Cartoon Network’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie promotion, it was not necessarily a bad idea but the overblown reaction cost CN a couple million dollars to clean up the mess…which is less than the commercial air time costs for the PR it received from the nationwide news coverage. Sometimes you just screw up in reverse!


Not wanting to be sued, we have listed the original story as a link (blame Yahoo!) but it’s a great survey of promotions that negatively effected companies because there was no follow through and bad fulfillment.



At The AFTERLIFE we always screw up in reverse! Er, get it right the first time, that is. Carefully listening to the client’s needs and desired results, we plan and execute from beginning to end without glitches, problems or citywide bomb scares. It’s years experience of successful project management and pulling other people’s butts from Hell fires.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you heavenly results!

I’m ready for The AFTERLIFE!



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