When animators go hopelessly insane!

Animator, Don Hertzfeldt, probably known to readers for his clever and funny Pop Tart commercials has a dark side (as if we couldn’t tell).

In a film from a few years back, Mr. Hertzfeldt shows some rejected work. Rejected? I’m surprised he wasn’t thrown from an office window for submitting these! But, one has to admire the creative freedom he showed and tried to put forth into a medium that can be too dependent on building off the safety of previous examples, which, means the commercial industry actually moves backwards while consumer’s needs and desires keep moving forward.


We at The AFTERLIFE celebrate going the next step. Create “WOW!” factor. Amaze, create buzz and make something lesser creatives will copy. That has been our history – creating work others follow. Naturally, we also know what the meaning of going too far. It can be a delicate balance. Live on the edge but don’t fall over it.

Take me to the edge of The AFTERLIFE!



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