And Burger King figures out another way to stop the burger wars…and your heart with the leventeengybillion calories. The Windows 7 Burger, which had to be approved by some hopefully former employee of Microsoft has got to be more for visual effect because you should only eat one of these as you plummet from the highest building you can, savoring the fat level that might actually kill you before you hit the pavement. Either way, it’s a suicide burger.


Maybe Microsoft just wants to decimate the foreign markets so Microsoft can take over the world? Too late!



One Response to “THAT is a WHOPPER!”

  1. I’m not quite so sure which poses the greater risk – consuming a gajillioin calorie, artery-clogging, cow-based, multi-layered, carnivorous delicacy or spending your typical work day using Windows. The jury’s still out on this, but my money’s on the latter. – Leafal Weapon

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